The Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community Unit (SEDIC) was designated as an implementation entity for the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB). SEDIC was restructured in line with the focus areas and initiatives defined in the Blueprint to uplift the socioeconomic status of the Indian community, especially B40.

The Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) is Launched After Two Years of Comprehensive On-The-Ground Research and Analysis

26 October 2017

It focuses on a multi-sphere upliftment of the Bottom 40% over a duration of 10 years.

Since May 2015, a number of activities were conducted to shape the Blueprint structure and focus areas by the Malaysian Indian Blueprint Secretariat.

Various stakeholder engagements were held including among others, political parties as well as civil society representatives. Interviews were also held with subject matter experts to validate the data demand for the blueprint.

Most crucial, a nationwide survey of 2,087 respondents were conducted in 61 Parliamentary constituencies which have a collective Malaysian Indian population of 1,290,195; to gather comprehensive on-the-ground knowledge of what is required or lacking within the B40 in the Indian community.

The MIB draft was also assessed and approved through committees at multiple levels.

Firstly, the Technical Committee (TC) which comprised of civil society experts, academics, relevant Government agencies and social workers provide relevant content and input to strengthen and validate key findings and recommendations of the MIB.

Following this, a Consultative Committee (CC) chaired by Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam comprising of Indian Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Indian Senior Civil Servants ensured the political objectives of the Government are met and in line with the current expectations from the people on the ground.

Lastly, the Steering Committee (SC) chaired by Deputy Director General of Economic Planning Unit (EPU) with members of keys ministries and agencies reviewed the documents to ensure ease of implementation by the civil service of the proposed policies and initiatives.

The preparation of the MIB document went through a detailed and extensive validation process and after being endorsed by CCIC (Cabinet Committee on Indian Participation in Government Programs and Projects), the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) was finally launched on 23 April 2017 by the Prime Minister himself, marking a historic occasion for the Malaysian Indians.